September 16, 2011

Aivis & Amanda. 23.07.2011. / kāzu fotogrāfe Dana Romaņuka

The wedding happened to take place on the day of elections.

So.... everyone marched to vote... :)


One of the tests for a wife to be was to milk a goat.

As you all see, she handled that task really well! :)

One more of the traditions at Russian and Latvian weddings. Mothers greet the newlyweds with bread and salt. It is like a blessing so that there is always bread (food) in their home.

A small glass of wine to toast the day and the guests :)

One more traditional thing. There is always a three-candle candleholder on the reception table before bride and groom. One candle is lit by bride's parents, one - by groom's parents and the the third one (the middle one) is lit by the newlyweds. Symbolizing..hmmm... i guess the family hearth..

The first dance..

What a wedding without "sober" guests? :)

Bride's parents :D

Dear guests..

You probably have noticed that I like to make them look goofy :)

You might wonder why the formals are down here in the end. Well, I dont like formals. I think they are quite boring. But it ain't a wedding without them. So, enjoy :)

Oh my lord! What are these kids doing!! - said the parents

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